What is Phishing?

An increasing form of Internet fraud is a practice known as “phishing”. This is the practice of sending fraudulent email messages and requesting confidential personal or account information. The email is disguised to look like an official request. Please be aware that we DO NOT request personal information through email.

Examples of Phishing:

  • Be aware of automated phishing scams that consist of phone calls to debit card cardholders in an attempt to gain access to account information. During these calls cardholders are informed that their debit card has been deactivated and needs to be reactivated. The cardholder is then asked to provide key account information such as account numbers and expiration dates in order to re-activate the affected debit card. Please do not provide any personal information over the phone. Contact a personal banker at 952-873-2296 if you have received one of these calls.
  • If you receive a popup on your screen stating that the State Bank Of Belle Plaine is offering a free credit score, please do not click on it. We are not offering this at this time.

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