Online Banking FAQ


How do I sign up for Online Banking?

Signing up is as simple as clicking on the “Enroll” button at the top right of the State Bank of Belle Plaine website at  You will be contacted within the next business day from the State Bank of Belle Plaine with your login information.

What is my User ID?

Your User ID is a unique number given to you when you sign up for Online Banking and is used to log into Online Banking. To change your User ID click on the “Options” tab and choose “Account Info” and then “Alternate Login”. Your User ID should never be shared with anyone or written down where others can access it. If you enter your User ID incorrectly three (3) times, your Online Banking access will be locked. To unlock your account, contact us at 952-873-2296.

What is a PIN (Personal Identification Number)?

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is used to log into Online Banking. To change your PIN click on the “Options” tab and choose “Change PIN”. Your PIN should never be shared with anyone or written down where others can access it. If you enter your PIN incorrectly three (3) times, your Online Banking access will be disabled. To unlock your account, contact us at 952-873-2296 or reset your PIN online.

What if I forget my User ID or PIN number?

If you forget your User ID or PIN number, please contact us at 952-873-2296. To reset your PIN online, click on “CLICK HERE” on the right side of your screen after entering your User ID and random security code. Answer the questions on the screen to reset your PIN.

What if the question that appears is not one that I set up?

The system has not authenticated you due to an incorrect User ID, random security code or challenge question answer and your Online Banking access may be disabled. To unlock your account, contact us at 952-873-2296.

How many transactions/inquiries can I do? Per visit? Per day? Per month?

Your ability to transfer funds between certain accounts is limited by federal law and the Deposit Agreement. Account restrictions, which are explained in the disclosures which you received when you opened your account, apply to online banking. Inquiries are unlimited.

What types of transactions can I do?

You can transfer funds between accounts held at State Bank of Belle Plaine, make a loan payment, review account balance and history, view and print copies of cancelled checks and deposit tickets, view tax information and download account information to money management software.

How do I view my cancelled checks and deposit images?

You can view your cancelled checks and deposit images by clicking on the “Accounts” tab and choosing “History”. Click on the items underlined to view the image.

How current is the information?

The available balances are real-time and will change throughout the day based on your account activity. All transfers, withdrawals and/or payments made through Online Banking are processed immediately, and can be verified by returning to the Account Balances screen. All Internet Banking transaction instructions received by 3:00 p.m. CST will be completed that business day. Any instruction received after 3:00 p.m. CST will be completed the next business day.

How far back does the history go?

By choosing the “History” option under the “Accounts” tab, you can select any time period to view account activity for the last 24 months.

Can I transfer funds from my account to my spouse’s/child’s account?

Yes. You should be able to transfer funds between all accounts on which your social security is associated. Please contact us concerning accounts that your social security number is not associated at 952-873-2296.

Is there a way to authorize someone else to use my account? How?

No. The only way that someone else can access your account is if you give them your User ID and PIN number. However, this would allow that person to access your account whenever they wanted to and let them do whatever they wanted to. We suggest that you do not share your User ID or PIN number with anyone.

Can I use Online Banking outside the United States?

Yes. Since Online Banking is an Internet-based program, it is available worldwide.

Does Online Banking have a bill pay option?

Yes. You can access Bill Pay by clicking on the “Bill Pay” tab in your Online Banking account.

Do I need to install any special software? What are the required computer equipment, software and browser?

All you need is a computer and Internet access. To access Online Banking, you’ll need a web browser (Mozilla 3.0, Chrome 4.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher), a User ID, and a PIN number.

How secure is Online Banking?

State Bank of Belle Plaine strives to use the latest technology to protect your account information from exposure to unauthorized persons. This multi-layer authentication security system requires: a User ID; a system generated random security code (State Bank is shadowed in the background of the random security code); an authentication question; and a PIN number (State Bank is shadowed in the background of the secure key image).

To enhance the security of your PIN, when you enter the Online Banking system, you will have only a limited number of times to input your PIN. If you exceed the limit, Online Banking will deny you entry into the system, even if you enter the PIN correctly. If you accidently become locked out from entering Online Banking, give us a call at 952-873-2296.

If you think your PIN may have been compromised or you notice any unusual activity on your account, contact the State Bank of Belle Plaine immediately at (952) 873-2296. Keep all documents that include your account information in a secure place, so that confidential information cannot be obtained by others. These documents include ATM receipts, account statements, your ATM Personal Identification Number, and your Online Banking PIN.

Can anyone else see my account information? Is my information publicly available?

Online Banking requires a correct User ID, random security code, authentication question answer and PIN to access confidential account information. Unless you share your PIN with someone else, no one other than you will be able to access your account information through Online Banking. To enhance your security we recommend that you periodically change your PIN. We also strongly recommend that you install anti-virus and anti-malware security applications on your computer. Be sure to update the signature files in these applications regularly.

Can I download my account information to money management software?

Yes. Online Banking has an Export option for downloads in QIF (for Quicken) and Excel formats. This is found by clicking on the “Accounts” tab and choosing “Download”.

Why does my Browser’s Back Button not work?

Once you’ve completed your session on Online Banking just click on the “Logout” Tab and the system will log you off. If you forget to click the “Logout” Tab and there is no activity for a 15 minute period while you are logged into Online Banking, the system will automatically log you off. You can change this default time by going to the “Options” tab, “Customer Info” and changing the “Session Timeout” to 1, 5 or 15 minutes. This will prevent other individuals from coming up to your computer and accessing your account information if you forget to logout when you are finished using Online Banking

Please stop in, email or call data processing at (952-873-2296) for more information regarding Online Banking.


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