Debit Cards

Safe, Simple and Convenient!

Simplify your everyday purchases by using your State Bank of Belle Plaine Debit Card for all of life’s necessities – big or small.

  • Enjoy easy and convenient access to your money, since the funds come directly out of your checking account.
  • Our debit card is accepted anywhere Mastercard® is displayed – shop over the phone, online or in the store!
  • It’s easy record keeping – transactions will post to your checking account and are visible via online banking, as well as on your monthly statement.
  • It’s an ATM Card, too! No surcharge fees at ATMs where you see the MoneyPass logo. moneypasslogo (Click on Money Pass logo for locations)
  • It is a safer alternative to carrying cash and easier than writing a check.
  • You’re protected with the Mastercard® Zero Liability policy. Click Here.
  • Receive added protection and assistance:
    • Partnering with Fraudwatch Plus allows us to provide industry leading technology, tools and expertise to manage fraud. Experienced fraud analysts work around the clock, watching for any suspicious card activity and will contact you immediately if they detect potential fraud on your card.

So how does the State Bank of Belle Plaine Debit Mastercard® work?

  • It’s simple! Hand your debit card to the cashier or swipe your card.
  • Merchants may allow you to choose from two options, either “debit” or “credit.”
    • Choosing “Debit” will allow you to finish the transaction by entering your PIN number.
    • Choosing “Credit” will allow you to finish the transaction by providing a signature.
  • Monthly payments can be set up with your debit card, contact your biller.

Traveling with your Debit Mastercard®

Your financial security is our top priority. To protect you from fraudulent transactions, we block international use of debit cards without a travel notification. Additionally, most out-of-state transactions will require that you select ‘debit’ at the point-of-sale, and enter your PIN number.

** Attention All Customers: If you are planning a trip, it is important that we have your current contact information, including a cell phone number if available. This will avoid having your transactions denied by Fraudwatch Plus, if possible fraud is detected on your card. Please complete the Travel Notification Form and read the Travel article below.

Travel Notification Form

Debit Card Travel Tips

Apply for your card today! Contact a Personal Banker for more details.

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