Will you consider my overtime, commission or bonus income when evaluating my application?

We will only consider your overtime, commission or bonus income when evaluating your application if you have a history of receiving it that is likely to continue. We typically need copies of your W-2 statements for the past two years, along with a recent pay stub, in order to verify this information. If commission earnings accounts for a large portion of your income, it is possible that we may need copies of your recent tax returns so that we can verify, if any, the amount of business-related expenses that tend to occur. In order to determine the amount that can be considered as part of your regular income, we will calculate the average of the amounts received over the past two years.

Please note that if you haven’t been receiving bonus, overtime, or commission income for a minimum of one year, it is likely that the full amount will not be able to be used for consideration when reviewing your application.

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